• ▼ Ridgewood House

    Ridgewood Queens, New York

    Square Feet: 1800sf

    Type: Renovation - Phase 1 of 2


    A 1920s townhouse in Ridgewood Queens is carefully modified to allow for an open airiness an open floor plan for a growing family.


    The renovation is phased into several phases allowing the family to settle into the space while phase 2 and 3 are developed. Phase 1 modifies the first floor and cellar creating a new kitchen and open layout with a new kitchen island. The partitions that divided the living dining and kitchen are all removed allow for the space to breath. The exterior yard has a new cedar deck and grape vine pergola for natural shade.


    Phase 2 will be to modifiy the second floor and add a third story. Phase 2 ETA 2017.

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